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Dual Cable Pulley – GRTST-80

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GRT Fitness 0-475bad Dual Cable Pulley - GRTST-80


This sleek, well designed Dual Arm Cable Crossover is ideal for a full body exercise regimen that improves strength, tone and stamina. With its compact footprint, small weight increments, and an adjustable dual pulley housing, the GRTST-80 is the perfect solution for fitness training for home and rehabilitation facilities with limited space and budgets.

This Machine provides users:

  1. get a great total body workout with an easy and effective way
  2. core stability training that leads to improved balance, coordination and stability
  3. extensive cable travel allows for fully arm extension in both single and double arm exercises
  4. independent arms with swivel pulleys for endless workout possibilities
  5. smooth pulley design, which ensures fluid cable travel and allows for a nearly unlimited range of motion
  6. very compact machine, designed with multiple users in mind
  7. offers the benefits of multiple exercises in one effective and durable workout machine
  8. weight stacks are cleverly enclosed to limit access to moving parts to ensure user safety



  • Independently Rotating Arms: Both arm rotates and has numerous settings to accommodate a wide variety of movement pattern
  • Cable Travel: Extensive cable travel allows for full exercise extension
  • Equipment is built with heavy gauge steel
  • Small weight increments
  • Independent, adjustable arms
  • Compact, space saving footprint 
  • The assembled height of only 81,5 inches allows to use in low ceiling height rooms or basements
  • Offers a total body workout



Model NO. GRTST-80
Product name dual cable cross
Weight 220kg + weight stack:80kg
Assembled size 59W x 39”D x 81,5H inches
Packing size 82*41*14 inches
Manual: English Instructional
Package Plywood Box
MSRP Price (CAD) $3,990



GRT Fitness 0-2f58c1 Dual Cable Pulley - GRTST-80


GRT Fitness GRTST-80_Front-1024x940 Dual Cable Pulley - GRTST-80 GRT Fitness GRTST-80_Control_unit Dual Cable Pulley - GRTST-80 GRT Fitness GRTST-80_Arm_coseup Dual Cable Pulley - GRTST-80 GRT Fitness GRTST-80_Weight_selector Dual Cable Pulley - GRTST-80 GRT Fitness GRTST-80_Decall Dual Cable Pulley - GRTST-80 GRT Fitness GRTST-80_Black Dual Cable Pulley - GRTST-80 GRT Fitness 2021-08-12-12-11-660x1024 Dual Cable Pulley - GRTST-80




GRT Fitness 22353-zwfeul Dual Cable Pulley - GRTST-80 GRT Fitness 22353-koc43y Dual Cable Pulley - GRTST-80

6 reviews for Dual Cable Pulley – GRTST-80

  1. AL

    I think it is a bit overpriced, but can’t complain. Overall, a really good machine

  2. Eric

    Great functional trainer, but pain in the ass to assemble together!!!
    Other than that it’s 4.5/5

  3. Cosmo

    Bought it on sale about 2 months ago. Very good, solid machine. I love its space saver design and smooth operation, but I have to admit, assembling was a pain! The assembling instruction it came with was basically useless.

  4. Igor

    Very smooth pulley, good quality equipment! Make sure to assemble it on its final spot as it is very heavy to move it around! It came with stainless steel cover panel, I was painting it black and looks much better! Would purchase it again!

  5. Hola

    Delivery took a long time and took a long time to assemble, but well worth it! Good machine!

  6. Mark

    A really good machine and a lot of exercises you can do on it. Takes a while to put together but just take it steady and you’ll get there, it is all pretty straightforward. Great trainer machine for a small space!

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