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Adjustable GRT Flexbells 20kg and 32kg sets

C$ 529.99C$ 749.99

32 KG new upgraded cast iron fast adjustable dumbbell for home gym exercise

Product description:

●Color: Black

●Material: High grade steel sheet

●Weight: 32kg

●Adjusting gear: 5 gears, 6 gears, 9 gears

●Max weight adjustment: 32KG

●Min weight adjustment: 2KG

●Product size: 40*34*34cm

●Packing size: 56*35*35cm

●Features: Adjustable

●Function: Exercise hand muscles, chest muscles, abdominal muscles, deltoid muscles

Package Content:

●Foam carton exquisite packaging

●Dumbbell*1 piece


20kg set32kg set

GRT Fitness 0-475bad Adjustable GRT Flexbells 20kg and 32kg sets

Product descriptions:

Adjustable dumbbells offer a fantastic amount of versatility and space-saving convenience, particularly for urban dwellers in small-sized apartments. Today’s dumbbells with adjustable weights offer speedy changes, excellent noise buffering, and grip enhancements, but there is not a set of adjustable dumbbells that change between weight increments faster than the GRT flexbells. They are definitely the newest option at the moment for anyone looking to save space in their home gym while retaining the functionality of an entire set of dumbbells. It features a beautiful, sleek design with evenly distributed, round, machined steel weight plates and an easy click-lock, barbell-like, non-slip knurled metal handle. That’s right, You simply rotate the handle until you see the desired weight on the indicator and then you can pull that weight out and do your exercises.

They feel and work like real dumbbells you use at the gym, coming in two, a 20 and a larger, 32 kg options.

Perfect for drop sets or working out with your significant other, these dumbbells will quickly become your go-to favorites!

All you need is a pair of these GRT flexbells to transform your body for good.


GRT Fitness 0-2f58c1 Adjustable GRT Flexbells 20kg and 32kg sets

GRT Fitness GRT-Flexbells-003-1024x768 Adjustable GRT Flexbells 20kg and 32kg sets  GRT Fitness 001 Adjustable GRT Flexbells 20kg and 32kg sets  GRT Fitness 17507-cefc05 Adjustable GRT Flexbells 20kg and 32kg sets

GRT Fitness GRT-Flexbell-003 Adjustable GRT Flexbells 20kg and 32kg sets  GRT Fitness IMG_6560 Adjustable GRT Flexbells 20kg and 32kg sets


GRT Fitness 22353-zwfeul Adjustable GRT Flexbells 20kg and 32kg sets  GRT Fitness 22353-koc43y Adjustable GRT Flexbells 20kg and 32kg sets

Weight 34 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 34 × 34 in

20kg set, 32kg set

Ships From

CANADA, United States

15 reviews for Adjustable GRT Flexbells 20kg and 32kg sets

  1. Gymboy77

    Bought a pair about 3 weeks ago, still holding well. Nice, solid dumbbells and super easy to increase the weight on them. Thank You!

  2. TJ

    These flexbells are 10/10. I’m a fitness professional and got them as a gift to myself and they are awesome. Delivery was crazy fast! I highly recommend.

  3. Judith

    Love my new pair of GRT dumbbells! Feels very solid and easy to select the weights on them!

  4. Milan

    Very good

  5. Ryu

    These things are great got here quick. Super easy to use only complaint is that they don’t come with the stand.

  6. Milan

    I have bought their new, 80lbs version. The weight selector gear was a little stiff at first, but worked like a charm after a few days of use! What I have found, that if you are trying to lift the whole thing(full weight) by the handle, then it lifts the cradle as well if you do not have the cradle base secured to a stand or something heavier. Other then that, I need to admit, they are great, easy to use dumbbells, saving so much space in my condo!

  7. LN77

    Purchased a pair of 80lbs version of this dumbbell from a guy (Bobby) on kijiji a few months ago. Since then, using it every week and its holding up very well. The only reason I was giving 4 stars only, because this 80lb version weights less then what the indicator says, but he mentioned this upon purchasing the product.

  8. Len

    Got the 32kg set on kijiji for much cheaper then the online price! Great dumbbells for the price!

  9. Thom

    Bought the 20kg version of this GRT dumbbells over a year ago from the store in Etobicoke. They came out with the new version (80lbs with smaller increments) so I replaced and sold the old set.
    Love the style and quality of these dumbbells!

  10. Igor

    Love it!! Replaces the entire roll of regular dumbbells I had in my basement, saves me plenty of room in there! Just twist the handle and lift, that simple!

  11. Camil

    Not bad for the price

  12. Attila74

    After using it for few times and comparing it with different dumbbells I can confidently say that these are one of the best dumbbells in the market. The handles have a great grip and thickness to it and feels solid. Perfect for any home or garage gyms!

  13. Noran

    Average quality. I love the fact that it’s easy to select the desired weight but that’s about it. My friend has the newer, 5-80lb grt dumbbells which is much-much better then this one!

  14. Julio

    Be Aware! The 80lbs version of these dumbbells are weight only 69 lbs when put on the actual scale!!!
    Cheap, works great, but far from accuracy so basically you get what you payed for!!

    • Admin

      Dear Julio, We are really appreciate your feedback.
      Yes, unfortunately you’re right, the 80lbs version of our dumbbells are not accurate, therefore, they’re not really 80lbs, that’s why this product is not available on our online store and selling them much cheaper trough our sales representatives. We are closely working with them to ensure, they’re letting each customer know about the accuracy issue. In case if you were not informed upon purchasing the product, then would you mind letting us know the name of the representative who sold that pair of dumbbell to you?

  15. Igor

    This is a good dumbbell set to have at home, easy to use and meet all mu expectation.

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